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We meet in an old "Finca" close to the woods.
The host is a Lady deeply involved with spiritual body arts.
The yogashala is hand made in real pine wood.
This is a place to honour our compromise in all aspects.
The ecological aspect, silence and peace, the pool area for Agua Hara and the authentic family heart.

The Holy Space

"I take care, I build a holy space, I clean the floor take out what is old, what is not needed.
I pray, I connect to the angels, call upon the spirits of the land, for protection and blessings, and make sure they will help us with the healing.
I caress the ends and edges with my hands and let golden light brush carefully over the walls.
I tone and sing to transform the space.
I bring a round center base and place Crystal's and flowers.
I burn some sage and incense.
Consciously I dedicate this space to healing.
In this place the human heart feels secure and is ready to open!"

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casa corazon 3.png

Thank you for respecting
Non smoking, no alcohol, no caffeine containing drinks and only vegetarian food

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