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Saskia Bender was born in Germany, mother of two grown up girls she lives since 27 years in Ibiza.

Her anthroposophical education teached her since very young that the human is a being with invisible and creative aspects.

Since 15 years, she is on an initiated voyage trough profound and holy teachings. Self awareneness, growing of consciousness and taking full responsibility, courses, seminars, meditations and therapy sessions to release childhood and pastlive trauma are helping her to overcome restrictiv patterns and beliefs. She was initiated in Kria Yoga and a lots of daily discipline books and courses made of her what she represents today.

Her love and knowledge about nutrition, the alchemic and medicinal influences on body and mind where transmitted to her from her mother.

Many years she worked like a classical ballet dancer until moving to the island. She practices painting, poetry and meditation using the art to recreate her light presence and connect to her soul plane.

She learned from the uniting sciences, most she could, found consciousness in the silence felt the power and benefits of breathing, meditating and positive thinking.

She feels passioned about massages, natural medicine and the elements like water, earth, air and fire.

She composes with grace different retreats to live an unique experience which anchors you in your serene, healthy and loveable nature.

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