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"Tree of life"
"Since dawn of times human is carrying the wisdom and power to reconnect and let life grow as powerful and mighty as a big tree.
We grow in the shade of the trees.
If you want to reinforce the relation to the inner tree, to nature and to the other gender, if you want to learn how to feel, conceive and create a strong healthy loving way, than come train and enjoy in this sacred place I prepare for you!"

Since 18 month, I run the three of life retreat in a small format.
I recive one, two or three clients and we work on a very individual and specific request you want to adress.

The dates are open, mostly all the year arround, so you can easely choose the right moment to come.
This format brought me to a deep satisfaction, as I serve the individual, to heal, liberate and be inspired.

Testimonial from Petra:

"The highlight of the retreat was Saskia's attention and passion. The beautifully structured program with many envaried elements and abled a journey with an eye on quality, without unnecesary luxury. A pure experience where the essence takes the lead."


"Fountain of eternal youth"
7 days for women
"If you are willing to leave behind the sorrows of your past and feel the essence of you holy self, than you can go deep within and realize the metamorphose into the flight of a liberating innocence...
This retreat is a space for training and discovery, to distil the treasures you are carrying deep inside and in light the medicine you are to this world"


"Angels and nature beings"7 days women men children from 7 years, this retreat is created to bring your beloved and share a very unique voyage.Let your wings grow!Fellows of light are around.Feel the freedom, love and innocence.Here we work with meditation, exercise, dance, singing, making initiating steps into the invisible, connect with nature, go for special excursions and  create holy spaces for enlightening and grace will support us!

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