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Massage Healing

"I give my hands to the power of love. Massaging a person for me is to open her up to such a relax state that she will detach from lots of worries and preconceived notions.

Then there will be a moment of grace where the higher self, the light of the soul can penetrate the total of the person’s body and mind.

Also I like to work on the genitals as a great invitation to expand into a orgasmic state where the structured aspects will melt and greater and more love centered conscience will arise by itself."

Conscius Touch Massage

This technique not only penetrates deeply in the tissues of the body, but also provides a warm and special care to the whole person.

Unique healing oils and the individual approach of every client creates the effective resonance of the treatment

 The psycological and emotional conditions of a person are always a reality to consider. The duration is 1½hours. I welcome  the client and invite her/him to talk directly about the points/areas where they carry  pain, contraction or trauma. Together we find relief.

Every no intim part of the body is touched, manipulated and animated, so all will be reintegrated into harmony. This massage can be a source of health, comfort and lift the self esteem. Conscious touch massage is offering an extensive knowledge of the body, it’s fluids and meridians. As a therapist,  I appreciate witnessing the positive changes that I can perceive when I see a person before and after such a precious treatment!

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Integral Massage

Integral massage, includes the genitals and works with the opening of vital energy.
This is a very special and intimate care, that is based on taoist knowledge of the reflexology of the genital organs.

The massage starts like the Conscious Touch Massage, and is very specific with all the body parts.

It helps people to recover from trauma reconect with the sexual energy and find deep healing.
It increases overall well being and the sense of wholeness.

Yoni Egg Yoga

I use a Jade or Rose Quartz Egg about 3 to 4 cm tall, to exercise my inner room of the vagina. The vagina is a highly receptive place which trough 1000 of different nerves strands is directly connected to the brain.

The vagina stores a lot of tension and pain which the person carries through many lifetimes. So, if we work with the Yoni Egg, we release these traumas.

We also waken all the points of reflexology and our system gets great benefits.

It’s an easy technic which includes pleasure and sensuality, we will work on the elasticity and fluidity of the spine to get the Ki or energy right through all the body.
The benefits of Yonni Egg practice are:
Increase Oxitocine level, boost inmune system, strengthen the pelvic floor, feeling grounded and at home in this world.

Online course and sesions are avaliable

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