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Here I want to write some lines about meditation.

Meditation is a basic tool to explore, nurture, strengthen and amplify our whole system.

When I say whole system, I refer to the molecules, cells, blood stream, organs, fascia, bones, nervous system, mind, spirit, perception, emotions, subconscious and ultimately, our soul, past and future.

With meditation, we can regulate our heartbeat and our psyche. We can go deeper to know about ourselves and we can create more peaceful relationships with the people around us.

Meditation is a practice that activates and contributes to our deeper inner work.

In meditation we can feel and reconnect to the infinite and to the joyful real being we are.

With meditation we can improve our clairvoyance, telepathy and concentration.



Let me write about the chakras.

Chakras are subtle organs, spinning and expanding. They balance, heal and make our multidimensional reality operate. I will name 10 chakras.

I start with our Earth chakra. This chakra is operating in our energetic body around 15 inches above our feet. This chakra is in deep osmosis with planet Earth and the Motherly, wise spirit of it. It let us absorb the nourishing emanations that arises from the center of the Earth. Our feet are the physical receptors of the Earth chakra’s work.

Then we have the Root chakra which is placed at the pelvic floor and is revitalized by a warm red and dark pink color. In this chakra, we hold the capacity to feel "at home" and it's connected to subconscious, to our past and history. It is spinning to the right for men and to the left for women. It is an important provider of oxytocin. Then we have the Sacral chakra which helps us to relate socially and holds our sensuality. It is placed below the navel and involves the womb and ovaries.

Then we have the Solar plexus chakra which is above the navel and strongly related to the nervous systems, spleen, stomach and liver.

Then we have the Heart chakra which is our center and holds all the uniqueness of our soul and is 100% based on love. Heart chakra burns all that is not out or into love. Its position is in the middle of the chest, at the level of the heart. Higher up we have the Thymus gland chakra which cares to keep our immune system strong.

Then we have the Throat chakra at the bottom of the throat, which works on the lymphatic system.

Then we have the Third eye chakra which is functioning through 3 "doors”. In between the eye brow, it works for the inner sight, in the pineal gland it works for clairvoyance and telepathy as a perceiver and towards the back where the spine ends and meets the scroll where an important psychic door lays.

Then we have the Crown chakra which opens to the spiritual levels and to the central sun of our galaxy.

The last chakra I want to mention is the Soul star chakra which lies around 15 inches above our head, always watched by our guardian Angels.

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