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Online Course

6 Weeks online Course to learn how to Meditate

  • 6 Individual meditations, done personally for you to take along

  • 6 1:1 Video calls to be guided and cherished

  • 6 Videos, introducing different subjects accorded to the meditations

  • 6 Texts, deepening on the science of energetic work

  • 6 Different home works


This course offers a trustful and empathetic approach, to introduce you to the power and benefit of meditation.


“Meditation is a treasure to me, it gives me the peaceful base to live emotional independence, it helps me to cure my injuries and traumas, it expands my consciousness and fills my heart with love and gratitude!”

                                                                     by Swan

Here I want to write some lines about meditation.
Meditation is a basic tool to explore, nurture, strengthen and amplify our whole system.
When I say whole system, I refer to the molecules, cells, blood stream, organs, fascia, bones, nervous system, mind, spirit, perception, emotions, subconscious and ultimately, our soul, past and future.
With meditation, we can regulate our heartbeat and our psyche. We can go deeper to know about ourselves and we can create more peaceful relationships with the people around us.
Meditation is a practice that activates and contributes to our deeper inner work.

In meditation we can feel and reconnect to the infinite and to the joyful real being we are.

With meditation we can improve our clairvoyance, telepathy and concentration.

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