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"I cannot offer my massages while I give a retreat but I experienced the fruitfulness to treat people while they go through the process of the retreat."

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Elena Verdejo

Her over 10 years long experience in massage Thetahealing ,Reiki and Ayurveda ,let me to ask her for help on the retreats.
Massages and reconnection are very empowering for the clients going through the growing process of the retreats training.
Her profound touch and great loving presence,her professionallity and farsightness and also her precious meditations are important tools on the way of liberation.

Swan Therapies

"…I give my hands to the power of love"

Integral Massage
I give my hands to the power of love. Massaging a person for me is to open her up to such a relax a state that she/he will detach from lots of worries and preconceived notions. Then there will be a moment of grace where the higher self, the light of the soul can penetrate the total of the person’s body and mind.
Also I like to work on the genitals as a great invitation to expand into a orgasmic state where the structured aspects will melt and greater and more love centered conscience will arise by itself. This Massage includes genitals and works with the life force energy.

Conscious Touch Massage
This technique not only penetrates deeply in the tissues of the body, but also provides a warm and special care to the whole person. Unique healing oils and the individual approach of every client creates the effective resonance of the treatment. The psychological and emotional conditions of a person are always a reality to consider. The duration is 1½hours. I welcome the client and invite her/him to talk directly about the points/areas where they carry pain, contraction or trauma. Together we find relief. Every no intimate part of the body is touched, manipulated and animated, so all will be reintegrated into harmony. This massage can be a source of health, comfort and lift the self-esteem. Conscious touch massage is offering an extensive knowledge of the body, it’s fluids and meridians. As a therapist, I appreciate witnessing the positive changes that I can perceive when I see a person before and after such a precious treatment!

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